Saturday, October 30, 2010


Pass it on!  From one judge to the next in Medina County, corruption is passed on like a baton in a relay race.

You can review past disclosures of public corruption in Medina County in an excerpt from a book by Jack Swint entitled "Who Killed...Cleveland?" at

If you read this little snippet, you will likely find there is little difference in the present day.  Not surprisingly, corrupt former Medina County Commissioner Mark Whitfield, a suspect in the death of Pamela Terrill, bears a striking similarity to assistant county prosecutor SCOTT SALISBURY a/k/a SLEAZEBURY in many respects.

You will note that the Medina County Sheriff's Office covered up an attempted burglary of the home of a woman!  You can refer back just  day or two on this blog and you will see a pattern emerging: prosecutors and sheriff's deputies covering up for those who are politically connected.

You will also see corruption in the Medina County court system, corruption which pervades to the present day.

Mr. Swint, the author has taken the mistaken position that the re-investigation of the death of Pamela Terrill was responsible for cleaning up the corruption in Medina County.  Sadly, that has not been the case at all.

The only way to place one foot forward in attempting to eliminate the corruption in the Medina County injustice system is a competent investigation by the United States Justice Department and the prosecution of these corrupt political hacks in United States District Court!


Friday, October 29, 2010


I recently Googled the search term "medina corruption" and came up with this little gem:

Medina - OhioGOP
 - Oct 13
330-723-3390: P.O. Box 1482. Medina, OH 44258; Send a message ... fight to rebuild our economy, support law enforcement & eliminate government corruption...

  1. - Cached

    As soon as I read this, I had to ask myself, "Just what were they smoking at the Medina GOP headquarters when they decided to issue that statement?"   Whatever it was, it was certainly more potent than the tea that they regularly sip at their public soirees. 

    The Medina GOP pledges to "eliminate government corruption?"  If that were the case, they would immediately remove COLLIER's name from the ballot and replace him with an HONEST candidate in the upcoming General Election, and quietly pressure McIlvaine to resign from the bench of the Wadsworth Municipal Court.

    And that would only be a good start!

    The Medina GOP, if truly serious about eliminating government corruption, would  lobby for a Federal criminal investigation by the United States Department of Justice of the office of the Medina County Prosecutor, the entire court system of Medina County, and the Medina County Sheriff's Office.

    The Medina GOP functionaries who released that statement should be arrested for stupidity if they believe that the general public has any confidence whatsoever in that pledge.

    Of course, if they were arrested and were to go to trial, COLLIER, in a gesture of fidelity to his GOP sponsors, would easily find a way  to deep-six the case, unless Holman instructed him to do otherwise.

    After reading the Medina GOP pledge to "eliminate government corruption, " all I have to ask is, "Who's kidding whom?"


Thursday, October 28, 2010


Interestingly, Jim Renacci, the former mayor of Wadsworth (2004 - 2008) is running as a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives for the 16th Congressional District.

Admittedly, I don't know much about Renacci, except that he had been the mayor of Wadsworth and owned a Chevrolet dealership in that community.  A Wikipedia web page at contains biographical information on this candidate.

I do, however, take issue with Renacci's candidacy for the U.S. Congress for a number of reasons.

It is said that a man is known by the company he keeps and, in my opinion, Renacci has not kept very worthwhile company.

Firstly, I question Renacci's judgment largely because he had in his employ, while mayor,  a real sleaze by the name of Page Schrock in the capacity of Wadsworth City Prosecutor.  The Wadsworth City prosecutor is a political appointee, and is not elected by the citizenry.

I'm not quite sure the location of the rock from whence Schrock slithered, but it must be located in a dark and damp place - probably adjacent to the rocks occupied by DINO HOLMAN and "LET IT BE" SLEAZEBURY, HOLMAN's assistant and judge COLLIER's boss.  Schrock is no more than another unethical political hack employed in the Medina County system of injustice.  Just like Dino Holman and his criminal assistants, Schrock believes in wining at all costs, notwithstanding the Constitution and the law.

Schrock fails to produce discovery to persons charged with criminal offenses, and fails to appear at scheduled meetings with defense attorneys.  His opening statements are clearly improper, much like those of Scott Sleazebury in COLLIER's courtroom.  He is arrogant without any real basis to justify his own overly inflated self-esteem.

Of course, Schrock "practices" his craft in the courtroom of Wadsworth Muni Court judge Stephen McIlvaine.  No big surprise there!

Next, Renacci is a Pub involved in Medina County politics.  Based on what I have already exposed in this blog, you can realistically expect that where there's smoke, there's fire.  I suspect that Renacci is smoking.

Finally, Renacci is quoted at the above Wikipedia web page as follows:

In a town-hall forum in Canton, Renacci stated that civil rights issues should be addressed by local governments and stating that the solution is "to get our federal government out of the way" because "it's not the federal government's job."[17][18][19][20]

That statement, standing alone, should be sufficient to send shivers up your spine.  Renacci espouses the position that civil rights issues should be addressed by local government.  His solution to the grime and corruption at the Medina Count courthouse is "to get our federal government out of the way."

Renacci must be more than a few cards shy of a full deck!  You have already been exposed to very limited information as to the manner in which you are being deprived of your constitutional rights at the Medina County courthouse, with much, much more to come.

Renacci's solution would be to simply let local government police it's own violations of your civil rights.  This guy must be nuts!  Renacci's proposed solution is like asking a weasel to guard the henhouse!  Admittedly, we do have an awfully lot of weasels at the courthouse, but they are unwilling to sanction their own corrupt conduct and they keep killing the chickens.



Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Good old "LET IT BE" SLEAZEBURY has apparently struck again.  "LET IT BE" has been emasculated by the public exposure at this blog, since he has no authority or power outside the Medina County courthouse, where he has the luxury of dictating the outcome of criminal cases, outside the law, to corrupt Medina County judge CHRISTOPHER COLLIER, a willing accomplice.

"LET IT BE" in an attempt to stifle free political expression guaranteed by the First Amendment to the U.S Constitution (nothing new there!) has reached into his limited bag of tricks and has pulled out that ages-old lawerly tactic: threaten to sue.

"LET IT BE," in one of his transparent anonymous posting to Craig's List, posted the following message to another supporter of this blog:

best of craigslist 
re: RE: (l'ville) 
Date: 2010-10-25, 4:00PM EDT 
Reply To This Post 
my apologies!

i was mistaken. i thought you were the shameless self promoter who has recently infested this board with 
lame attempts to drive traffic to his blog. the same guy who lately has been posting here and several other 
regional boards about alleged corruption of medina county officials. the same guy who was recently 
insinuating that the prosecutor, in cahoots with a judge, was flagging his posts off c/l in an attempt to stifle 
the "truth". the same guy who will most likely be facing a lawsuit brought by a certain judge. 

if that's not you then, again i apologize. 

So where did all that come from?? Hmmmm.

i know you're not paranoid, so i can assume that this statement isn't a suttle accusation that i am somehow a 
party to the big medina county corruption scandal. you know, the scandal that only you seem to be aware of. 
the same scandal being ignored by all the local media, officials, and inhabitants of said county.

No clue what you mean regarding your sentence "before it's too late", kinda sounds like a threat to me or 
something. Would you care to elaborate? 
i realize that you are not paranoid and the delicious irony of your statement regarding threats is not lost on 
me. however rest assured this is not a threat, oh un-paranoid one. rather, some cautionary advice. as in: get 
some psychiatric help before you go completely around the bend. 

So there you have it!  "LET IT BE" certainly intimates in none too "suttle" (actually spelled "subtle") language that COLLIER may very well file a lawsuit over the content of this blog!


Before doing so, however, COLLIER would be well advised to consider that the truth is always a proper defense in such a lawsuit.

I have no doubt that COLLIER would intend to sit in judgment and "rule" on his own lawsuit in Medina County.  After all, it's the Medina County way: no Rules of Evidence and no Rules of Criminal Procedure enforced against the prosecutor!  In other words, a rigged proceeding!

However, if COLLIER would be foolish enough to bring such a lawsuit, he would be opening a real can of worms!

While I have no doubt that COLLIER is corrupt, and nothing more than a stooge for the county prosecutor on account of personal political expedience, I've never fancied him to be particularly stupid.  At least not to the level of "LET IT BE" SLEAZEBURY.

Of course, any such lawsuit filed by COLLIER would be promptly moved to U.S. District Court, where a Federal Judge (a REAL judge) will enforce the Rules of Evidence and Procedure (unlike Medina County court), and the lawsuit will be tried before an untainted Federal jury (really unlike Medina County).

In Federal Court, the Counterclaims will be proven to a jury by the preponderance of the evidence.  That means nothing more than the jury must decide that the charged conduct of the Counterclaim Defendant (COLLIER) is more likely than not to have occurred.

There is a plethora of evidence to prove:

1)  COLLIER, acting in concert with prosecutors, has routinely improperly admitted evidence against defendants, seized by police incident to arrest, that is nothing more than "the fruits of the poisonous tree," the seizure of which had been made illegal by the issuance of constitutionally defective criminal complaints and warrants in the  lower courts of Medina County, all in violation of the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution.  There is ample evidence in court records.

2)  COLLIER has ruled, and refused to rule, in a manner contrary to the holdings of the United States Supreme Court, thereby depriving defendants of fair trials.

3)  COLLIER has steered juries to guilty verdicts by employing all manner of tactics, including his personal demeanor at trial.

4) COLLIER has done the bidding of the county prosecutor and has failed in his responsibility to administer justice fairly and impartially, breaching his Oath of Office.  There are plenty of docket entries, orders, trial transcripts, and witnesses to support this contention.

5) COLLIER has occupied his seat on the bench for 12 years, never having faced a contested election, compliments of an unlawful power-sharing arrangement between Medina Democrats and Republicans.  This contention is easily proved by the records of the Medina County Board of Elections!


It would be just grand, and would serve to further expose the corruption in the Medina Court system to a wider local audience.  Purpose served!  


Of course, "LET IT BE" SLEAZEBURY has had had some past experience doing that very thing in Cuyahoga County, so he's no stranger to all of this.

The Exhibit and Witness Lists will be long and compelling.

Then, of course, by filing such a lawsuit, COLLIER would waive any immunity he might otherwise have as a judge of the Court of Common Pleas. Is COLLIER willing to open Pandora's Box?


You can be sure that there will be many, many counterclaimants in such a civil lawsuit as may be brought by COLLIER!  In fact, many of the local readers of this blog will likely become parties to the lawsuit, as counterclaimants, since I publish this blog on behalf of all individuals who have been deprived of their Constitutional Rights in the Medina County Courts by COLLIER and others. 

Most of all, however, a public trial in U.S. District Court will add impetus to the efforts to cause a criminal investigation of the Medina County Courts by the United States Department of Justice!

In all, this intimated threat by "LET IT BE" SLEAZEBURY was not well thought, like most other things he does.  If it were not for COLLIER, "LET IT BE" would likely be employed in an occupation for which he is more properly suited ... like another corrupt judge of the Medina County courts.

Perhaps a lawsuit filed by COLLIER is just what we need!  That may very well be the first major step in restoring the Rule of Law to Medina County!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Here's a real potential shocker for you.  There is a rumor, which I have not yet been able to confirm, that the brother-in-law of Medina Muni Court  judge Dale Chase has a financial interest in a company that installs  devices that are intended to prevent persons under the influence of alcoholic beverage from operating a motor vehicle.

Prevention of DUI offenses is a good thing and saves lives on the roadways.

However, the issue here is that, if true, the rumor that Chase is referring DUI offenders to his brother-in-law's company for installation of such devices, at no small expense to the driver, raises some troubling questions of unethical and, perhaps, unlawful conduct.

I repeat that this rumor is unconfirmed but would certainly be worth a preliminary evaluation and inquiry by Federal investigators.


Monday, October 25, 2010


This blog is beginning to have an impact in raising awareness of the public corruption in Medina County.  Presently, we've had over 2,500 "hits" since the blog was first published two weeks or so ago.

Information is power, and we certainly need power to remove these corrupt politicians, prosecutors and judges from their thrones.  The public is finally learning, and responding, to the abuses of these corrupt  kind-of "elected" public officials.

I have been receiving email messages from individuals who have their own stories to tell.  However, I will publish those stories only with the consent of the person who has submitted.  I have pledged confidentiality, so I will never reveal the source of the information.

Below is one such story, submitted by a reader of this blog, who has authorized this information to be published here.


"I stumbled upon your blog about Medina Corruption and wanted to share a quick story.  About 10 years ago I was hanging out with my neighbor.  My friend's parent was an assistant prosecutor who was going to be running for judge in the next election.  We were over at another couple’s apartment when the S.W.A.T. team decided to knock the door down and raid the place.  Apparently they were raiding him for selling marijuana.  Upon realizing that my friend was the child of a prosecutor, both my friend and I were simply let go.  We walked out to our car, which actually had illegal stuff in it, and drove off.  Because my friend's parent was going to be running for judge and one of the head officers owed the prosecutor a “favor”, they acted as though we were never there.  They proceeded to prosecute our friend, but nowhere in the police report or in the court room was it mentioned that we were there at the time of the bust.  While it may not have had a huge impact on the case, I just found it wrong that this was allowed to happen."



I'm not surprised at all about this, since there really is no "justice," at least in the legal sense of the term, in Medina County.

The reported event occurred approximately ten years ago, certainly within the time that HOLMAN has occupied his chair in the prosecutor's office.  It seems that HOLMAN is more the Grand Inquisitor than the prosecutor, making decisions based more on political alliance than the law.  

That, however, should come as no surprise.  All one has to do is survey the manner in which COLLIER is able to retain his throne on the Court of Common Pleas without challenge.

Of course, only in Medina would the Sheriff's SWAT team be called out to search a kid's apartment looking for a few marijuana seeds!  I'll bet they were fully armed with AR-15 assault rifles, just in case the house cat launched a vicious attack!  Good job men!!!  No injuries from the house cat, I presume.

I suppose that a favored son of a favored son was treated just a little differently than most folks in Medina County.  Being so intrinsically tied to the criminal injustice system and the courts in Medina County, this progeny of a Medina County public official was certainly granted extraordinary consideration of Constitutional protections, don't you think?

It only makes perfect sense however, that DINO HOLMAN, with his own brand of unconstitutional "justice," would not want to INDICT and punish the offspring of one of his own, now would he?

All we need in Medina County is a good 5-cent cigar, a decent 15-cent hamburger, and a criminal investigation by the United States Department of Justice!


Saturday, October 23, 2010


That is precisely correct.  We have seceded from the Union and formed our own independent, sovereign state, presently known as MEDINALAND!

There will be no more income tax due the United States Government.  Tax protesters from across the nation will soon be flocking to Medinaland, which should spark our economy with a building boom never before seen hereabouts.

The United States Federal Government will no longer be able to exercise its jurisdiction, and therefore its statutes, in Medinaland.  Who needs them, any way?

No more FBI here. It'll be the Medinaland Bureau of Investigation, or the MBI for short, here in the sovereign state of Medinaland!

Anti - U.S.Government militiamen and white supremacists, we've got a place for you in Medinaland.  Bring along all of your armament and as much ammunition as you can carry. There will be no prohibition against automatic weaponry, hand grenades, explosives and the like.  We may just need them to overthrow the Medinaland Supreme Court, in time!

We can change the laws of our sovereign state to permit marijuana plantations!  Just imagine how that will boost land values.  An acre out in the county will be worth millions!

We won't need to appoint a Supreme Court, however.  We already have that in place.

We won't need to establish a Port Authority either.  We already have one of those currently in place to regulate shipping on Chippewa Lake.  We really won't need a Navy or Coast Guard, since there are no navigable rivers running through Medinaland.

We can elevate the mayors of each city, village and township to our Senate, and all councilmen to our House of Representatives.  We'll call the joint assembly of House and Senate the Politburo.

We can do like the local school districts, and award significant pay raises to our government officials each time we pass a tax levy.  After all, with a marijuana cash crop worth millions, land owners could afford to pay a little more in taxes.

No more need for food stamps either.  If you're hungry, you will be able to go to the nearest MacDonald's or Burger King Restaurant, where breakfast lunch and dinner will be served free, supported by the tax revenues derived from the exportation of our major cash crop, marijuana.

We will most certainly abolish the two-party system, since they are now all in bed together anyway.

We can adopt a new process of electing our Senators and Congressmen.  We'll discard that antiquated practice of one vote for one man.

Instead, we'll adopt a new electoral process modeled on that in Chicago, Illinois, USA.  Our new electoral theme will be, "Vote Early, Vote Often." After all, it is the early bird that gets the worm!

We will be sure however, unlike the current process in place in Medina County, that at least two white candidates run for each elected office.  That way there's a good chance we can eliminate the back room deals that presently go on between Republicans and Democrats, who make sure they seat only their handpicked "candidates," contrary to the public interest.

We will now be able to completely eliminate our dependence on foreign oil, or any oil at all, for that matter.  Since we have a reasonably sized Amish population in our sovereign state, we will outlaw possession and use all motors which operate on petroleum and petroleum-based products.  That includes automobiles and motorcycles.

Need to gut the grass?  Sheep and goats do a nice job, and they're ecologically friendly.  We may need to change our slogan from "Green up Medinaland' to "BROWN UP MEDINALAND" with the proliferation of livestock in our neighborhoods!  Just like Henry Ford used to say in 1920's Detroit, Michigan, USA, "A goat in every garage!"

We will make the horse and buggy the only authorized mode of transportation.  The additional advantage to outlawing the automobile is we will completely wipe out fatal car/buggy collisions from our highways.  Besides, the horse droppings will make good fertilizer in our gardens and will be readily available....right outside your front door.

Since we will no longer use automobiles and the like, we can eliminate traffic signals and street lights. Just think of the electrical energy we will save by those two nifty measures.

It is impractical, however, to ask citizens of Medinaland to give up motorized transportation when traveling outside of Medinaland.  We can enter into a foreign treaty with Summit County, Ohio USA to acquire several acres of land just across the border to store automobiles and motorcycles.  That way, after passing through  the Medinaland border crossing, citizens can travel to their motorized vehicles parked in the U.S.

The issue of tolls at Medinaland border crossings has yet to be decided.

Upon returning to Medinaland, however, citizens will be required to clear Medinaland Customs.

I suppose we'll have to vote on the slavery issue, just to be "fair" to all the non-whites living in Medinaland though.  However, a popular vote of only white voters living in Medinaland will decide the issue.  (You can bet that most folks in Medinaland won't be voting in the whites-only elections for anyone named Lincoln!)

Taking a page from the foreign history of the neighboring United States, we will really need to use a lot of cheap manual labor on our marijuana plantations.  Who better to provide it than non-white slaves?

If the slavery initiative is passed by a simple majority in the all-white elections, any non-whites sneaking into Medinaland will be immediately impressed into slavery.  Of course, all non-whites will be turned back at the border. If enough non-whites try to sneak across the border, we'll be able to replace all of those funky statues of Black jockeys holding phoney lanterns with the real thing.  judge COLLIER and county prosecutor HOLMAN will be the first to own two.

Storage of slaves will not be a problem.  We can house them in all of church buildings scattered around Medinaland, since we are going to eliminate all forms of organized religion.  If the Medinaland Supreme Court is Godless, then it's just as good for the rest of us. After all the only Supreme Being in Medinaland to whom we all owe homage is prosecutor DINO HOLMAN.

However, if the slavery initiative fails by a two-thirds majorityin the election, all non-whites will be immediately expelled from Medinaland and repatriated to Cleveland, Ohio, USA.  They really wouldn't get along well with our burgeoning population of white supremacists anyway.

The last thing we'd need is a civil war so early in the formation of our new independent nation of Medinaland.

Yes, it's shaping up to be a new day in Medinaland ! (has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?)


Thanks to the efforts of the prosecutors and judges of Medina County, these and other changes are blowing in the wind.

Don't like it? Well, we'll just imprison you for some trumped up charge.  We've dispensed with all of that nonsense like proof and evidence.  We have judges like COLLIER to make sure the agenda of the new nation is accomplished, no matter how many citizens we have to step on, or how many families we have to destroy.

But most importantly, we have DINO HOLMAN and his criminal assistants, SCOTTY SLEAZEBURY and MUSTAFAH RHAZAVI to pull all of the strings to make sure that COLLIER and his colleagues "do the right thing."  COLLIER is like putty in their hands.

Additionally,SLEAZEBURY will be given new powers and authority in Medinaland.  He will be designated as Ambassador to the Gay and Lesbian Alliance!

Of course, Mustafah has to go since he's not really white.  Understandably, there will be some minor inconvenience to some Medinaland residents as these changes go into effect.  Of course, HOLMAN could buy RHAZAVI at auction and keep him around the office for old times' sake.


At long last, the yoke of suppression of the Federal Government has been lifted from the shoulders of the citizens of Medina County, henceforth to be known as Medinaland (until we come up with a better name, that is)!

How have I come to know this?  Quite simply by application of deductive logic.

I infer that we have formed our own independent, sovereign state by virtue of the very basic fact that the PROSECUTORS AND JUDGES OF MEDINA COUNTY HAVE ABOLISHED THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION AND THE RULE OF LAW WITHIN THE LIMITS OF THIS COUNTY!!!

The future of Medinaland looks really bright under this new REGIME, doesn't it?

I wonder if we will all have to go to the county courthouse and get new passports to travel over to Akron before the border crossing gates go up?


Thursday, October 21, 2010


I know that this may seem a bit premature.  Even though the General Election is but a few days away,  I believe that DEAN HOLMAN, the current sitting county prosecutor, does not face another election campaign for another two years.

That is truly unfortunate!

However, I think it is good to look ahead and that is why I propose that we elect Jim Traficant to the post of Medina County prosecutor in 2012, for a number of reasons:

1)  We need someone with greater integrity than the current sitting prosecutor.  Jim Traficant certainly fits the bill in that regard.

2)  We need someone with some creditable prior honorable service to this nation.  Traficant has a prior record of service as the Sheriff of Mahoning County and a U.S. Congressman.  The current sitting prosecutor has no such record of creditable service.

3)  We need someone who knows the "in and outs" of the criminal justice system.  Jim Traficant certainly satisfies that qualification.

4)  We need someone who knows how to navigate the local political system.  Traficant would certainly be comfortable in Medina County politics, given his prior experience in Youngstown.  IN FACT, HE'D BE RIGHT AT HOME IN MEDINA COUNTY POLITICS!

5) Traficant would bring no more disgrace to Medina County than the current sitting prosecutor.

In all, I think Traficant makes a great candidate for the post of county prosecutor on the basis of all of the foregoing reasons.



As you will now see, there there is a very fortunate 2% in Medina County upon whom Lady Luck has not only smiled, but grinned!

In a self-serving interview with the Medina Gazette, Medina County prosecutor DINO HOLMAN has boasted of HIS 98% CONVICTION RATE IN THE MEDINA COUNTY COURTS.  You can read the entire interview at  (There will be more to discuss about this article in a future segment of the blog.)

I suspect strongly that DINO HOLMAN loses no small amount of sleep over the 2% that got away.  After all, DINO decided that they were guilty when he indicted them, but try as he may, he was unable to railroad them into the penitentiary.  Those juries must have been astute enough to realize that the antics and bias of COLLIER as well as the sleazy and underhanded trial tactics of HOLMAN's criminal assistants did not conceal the weakness of HOLMAN's cases!

You can be sure that those convictions did not flow from superlative police work and investigation by Medina County sheriff's deputies.  There must be, therefore, another explanation for this exceedingly high rate of conviction in Medina County.

For purposes of comparison, at last knowing, the approximate rate of conviction in the Summit County Court of Common Pleas, located at Akron, is 50%.

I am sure that all will agree that Akron, Ohio is a significantly larger community and that Summit County has a larger commercial base.  There is also no doubt that law enforcement officers in Summit County see much more "action" than those in Medina County and therefore have acquired much more creditable experience.

So what can explain the disparity in the rates of conviction between Summit and Medina Counties?

For one, if you are charged with a criminal offense in Summit County, you are accorded your Constitutional Rights.  That is certainly not the case in Medina County!

The Summit County Prosecutor has not pledged to punish defendants INDICTED for criminal offenses.  Surely not the case in Medina County!

The Common Pleas judges in Summit County are elected in competitive elections.  Not so in Medina County!

County prosecutors in Summit County respect the U.S. Constitution and the law.  Not so in Medina County!

Prosecutors and judges in Summit County do not conspire to deprive defendants of a fair trial.  Not so in Medina County!

The judges in Summit County abide by the Constitution and the law and afford defendants charged with criminal offenses with fair trials.  Not so in Medina County!

I am certain there are even more factors at play, but it is obvious that in a county where the judges are not in the pocket of a lawless county prosecutor,  defendants stand a reasonable opportunity to defend themselves of the criminal charges brought by the state.  Such is not the case in Medina!

DINO HOLMAN must be champing at the bit to get another crack at that 2%.  You can be sure that next time they won't escape the punishment due them as deemed warranted by HOLMAN.  HOLMAN will see to that, no matter what he has to do to accomplish it!


Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I thought that readers of this blog might be amused, as was I, by the futile attempts by the corrupt politicos of Medina County to conceal their corruption from exposure to the light of day.

Something of interest has occurred on this very day that bears mention.

If you have followed this blog you will recollect that someone, likely an assistant Medina County prosecutor for the reasons previously set out, posted his reaction to this blog on the Akron Rants & Raves Board at Craig's List.  (See this blog, post of October 18, 2010, for the prosecutor's reaction.)

Since that time, and particularly several times today, someone with a vested interest in this matter has flagged and caused to be removed from the Akron Rants & Raves board several messages announcing this blog address!

Now, it seems to me, aside from flagging the posts during "working" hours (theft of wages and therefore a criminal offense of Theft in Office), the individual from the Medina County prosecutor's office likely responsible for removing the Craig's List postings clearly does not want the public corruption in Medina County exposed to the general public.

There is no greater testament to the credibility of facts that have been presented at this blog than the attempts by the corrupt politicos to conceal the content of this blog, which is no more than political discourse protected by the First Amendment, from you, the reader, and from the general public.


It is obvious they have much to hide, and so far you have seen only the tip of the iceberg ! 



There is certainly a method to the madness in the Medina County system of injustice.  Here's how it works:

As already shown, COLLIER sits on his throne in the Medina County courthouse, compliments of county prosecutor Dino Holman (Hoe-Man) and the Medina Democrat Party, who refrain from running a Democrat opponent against COLLIER just as long as COLLIER remains obedient and subservient to HOLMAN.  (It is my judgment that the only "throne" upon which COLLIER is qualified to sit is the one located in his household bathroom!)

Now Hoe-Man, the county prosecutor of Medina County, ultimately decides who is to be indicted by the Medina County Grand Jury.

Of course, once Hoe-man has decided to indict an individual, he is making plans just how he is going to punish the indicted defendant.  That, of course, comes directly from Hoe-Man's very own website where he pledges to punish individuals "INDICTED for criminal offenses."


You must now come to recognize that COLLIER has developed a reputation in the community as a notoriously bad judge and a heavy-handed sentencer.  Of course, what most people do not realize is that COLLIER simply imposes the sentence dictated to him by HOLMAN.

It is common knowledge and belief among the citizenry, and even among Sheriff's Office personnel, that a defendant will not receive a fair trial before COLLIER.  Hoe-Man, of course, uses these very facts to his tactical advantage.

Now in Medina County, HOLMAN has assigned SLEAZEBURY to attend all matters in COLLIER's courtroom, and has assigned Mustafah to judge Kimbler's room.  That way HOLMAN can keep a firm grip on the goings-on in each courtroom lest some indicted defendant should escape the punishment deemed warranted by HOLMAN.

Once an individual has been indicted, HOLMAN, by and through the services of SLEAZEBURY and MUSTAFAH, HOLMAN's criminal assistants, generally plea-bargain with the defense attorney.

SLEAZEBURY and MUSTAFAH, with HOLMAN's approval and blessing, EXTORT guilty pleas from defendants, threatening defendants that COLLIER will impose a really stiff sentence if the defendant opts to go to trial.  SLEAZEBURY really doesn't worry about a defendant being acquitted since he rests reliably on the fact that COLLIER will do all he can to be sure that the jury is tainted and the defendant is deprived of his rights, constitutional and otherwise.

At this juncture the defendant, although potentially innocent of the charges levied against him by HOLMAN, nevertheless enters a guilty plea out of fear that he may be punished beyond the limits of the law if he should exercise his right to trial by jury.  Such fears, of course, are justifiable in Medina County. 

Of course, a usual and customary part of the plea negotiation process involves coming to agreement as to the potential sentence to be recommended by SLEAZEBURY to COLLIER.


After a defendant has pled guilty, with the reasonable expectation that he will be sentenced in accord with the prosecutor's agreed recommendation, the defendant appears for sentencing before COLLIER and gets slammed with a sentence to twice the time, or more, than he had expected when he entered a plea of guilty.

What has happened here is that SLEAZBURY has gone behind the back of the defendant and the defense attorney and has instructed and ordered COLLIER to impose a far greater sentence.

Although the Ohio Code of Judicial Conduct, at Canon 3, Section (B)(7) expressly forbids judges from having ex parte discussions with the prosecutor, found at, COLLIER doesn't worry about that.  COLLIER most certainly considers the Canons of Judicial Conduct as nothing more than a meaningless set of rules.  After all, if COLLIER routinely violates the mandates of the United States Constitution, The Ohio State Constitution, and the United States Supreme Court, why would he be trouble by violating some canon of ethics.  COLLIER's not ethical anyway.

That's how it's done in Medina County!

However, there can be an up side to all of this, depending on who you may know among the Medina County politicos, since HOLMAN decides who is indicted and punished, and what the punishment will be.

Let me pose a hypothetical.

Suppose COLLIER had a son, 26 or 27 years of age, who liked to dabble in drugs. And suppose that in August 2009 COLLIER's son was arrested in the judge's driveway by agents of the Medina County Drug Task Force in possession of one-quarter ounce of cocaine.

Now once such an arrest had been made, the agents would have contacted HOLMAN directly.  Of course, since this arrested individual was the son of judge COLLIER, he couldn't be confined at the Medina County Jail for fear of retribution by other inmates.  So HOLMAN could easily have instructed the agents to release the son and just let him go home.

Of course, since HOLMAN decides who is indicted and who is punished in Medina County, HOLMAN could easily strengthen his grip on COLLIER by failing to indict and punish the son.  After all, if the son were indicted and punished, COLLIER would be humiliated after sending other Medina County citizens to prison at the behest of HOLMAN for very similar offenses, despite the fact that possession of one-quarter once of cocaine would be considered to be Possession with the Intent to Distribute, under the law.

So, you see, under the Medina County of injustice, administered by HOLMAN, COLLIER and others, a favored son of a favored son could easily escape indictment and punishment!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I suppose that many of you may be asking yourselves, "If the criminal complaints and arrest warrants issued in Medina and Wadsworth Muni Courts are constitutionally defective, why didn't my attorney catch that?"

It's an interesting question and one, quite frankly, that's difficult to answer.  I suppose there are a number of factors at play and your attorney may have succumbed to one or more of them.  Let me try to posit a number of theories that may apply:

1)  "I'm afraid to offend the judge."  Many attorneys are afraid of offending the judge, who is in a position to assign them cases.  They fear offending a judge, who certainly has control, to a degree, of the attorneys' paying caseload.  In other words, it's strictly a business decision.

2)  "They've always done it that way!"  This is, in my estimation, probably the primary reason your attorney hasn't recognized that these criminal complaints and arrest warrants are constitutionally defective and challenged them. As you have seen, the United States Supreme Court has decided some of the issues controlling the issuance of criminal complaints as long as 60 years ago.  What I infer from that fact is that the Medina and Wadsworth Muni Courts have been issuing constitutionally defective complaints and warrants for the past 50 years or more!  That is a rather frightening prospect, but it is quite likely true.

3)  "We don't want to rock the boat!"  Some defense attorneys are simply grateful to the prosecutors if they can bargain down a charge to a lesser offense and then brow-beat their clients to enter a guilty plea, in spite of actual innocence.  These attorneys do not want to challenge the prosecutor and the judge for fear that the plea offer will be withdrawn.  Taking a plea to a lesser offense is fine, if the client is actually guilty.  However, when a client is actually innocent, he is actually penalized by the court with a stiffer sentence if convicted at trail, often due to the sleazy, underhanded, and unethical tactics of the prosecutor.

4)  "All I want is the fee!"  Have you ever tried to find a good, conscientious attorney?  Believe me, they are few and far between. Finding a really good attorney is like finding a diamond in a pile of coal.  Many attorneys have no passion for the work and simply just don't care.  They look to get paid for their services, and have no real concern for the outcome or the client.

In any event, it is time to stand up and hold the feet of these prosecutors and judges to the fire!

In an earlier segment of this blog, I suggested that it would be worth your time and effort to write a letter to Chief Justice Eric Brown at the Ohio Supreme Court and demand that you conviction be vacated on constitutional grounds.  If Chief Justice Brown receives enough requests, he will be forced to look into the constitutionally defective practices of the Medina County courts.

As a practical matter. there is no real oversight of courts and judges by any competent authority.  Because there is no oversight, there arise situations such as at Medina where the courts have never been forced to comply with the provisions of the United States Constitution and the law.  As long as the revenue derived from fines and costs continues to flow south to Columbus, the bureaucrats are more than happy to turn a blind eye.  This is precisely how your constitutional rights have eroded over the years! 


Monday, October 18, 2010


By now, after having learned that the Medina County Courts have denied each and every defendant of his Fourth Amendment rights, you must be SHOCKED at how long the Medina County prosecutors and judges, political hacks one and all, have gotten away with these egregious violations of the law.

You are also probably in AWE that, over generations, there has apparently not been one honest Medina County judge to put a stop to all of this chicanery.

Let me provide a little refresher for the political hacks who deny justice to the citizens of Medina County daily in the courtrooms of Medina County.

Presented here verbatim is the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution, ratified in 1791:

"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."

There is nothing ambiguous in the language of the Fourth Amendment, which states expressly, "no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation."  This language does not seem to be particularly difficult to understand, even if it was written ONLY 220 YEARS AGO.  The incoming mail at the Medina County courthouse must really  be backed up for some clerk not to have yet opened the envelope containing this decree!

However, please bear with me for a moment  as I try to explain all of this to the prosecutors and judges in Medina County!  What it means. esteemed judges and prosecutors (much to your surprise), is that A COURT CANNOT LEGALLY ISSUE  A VALID ARREST WARRANT UNTIL,  UNLESS, AND EXCEPT AN OFFICER HAS FURNISHED A STATEMENT OF PROBABLE CAUSE, UNDER OATH, TO A JUDICIAL OFFICER !!!   GET IT NOW??  THIS ISN'T EXACTLY ROCKET SCIENCE !

You, the reader, will again take note of the fact that none of the criminal complaints filed in Medina County Courts offers a statement of probable cause, and yet the Medina County courts continue to issue warrants, EACH AND EVERY ONE OF WHICH IS CONSTITUTIONALLY DEFECTIVE AND INVALID!!

Further, in 1961, nearly fifty years ago, the United States Supreme Court ruled in Mapp v Ohio (discussed earlier) that the Fourth Amendment applies to the states (including the State of Ohio) through the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.

These political hacks in Medina County continue to ignore the mandates of the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION and THE UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT.



Friday, October 15, 2010


Having been presented with the TYPICAL DEFECTIVE CRIMINAL  COMPLAINT FILED IN ALL THE COURTS OF MEDINA COUNTY, you are now being presented with a properly constructed criminal complaint, the likes of which you will not find filed with any court in Medina County.

You will note that, like the typically defective Medina County criminal complaint, the properly constructed complaint contains an identical conclusory statement, which is no more than statement of the offense.

Thereafter, unlike the defective Medina County complaint, the properly constructed criminal complaint shown below contains a statement of essential facts upon with a neutral and detached judicial officer can make a determination that a criminal offense had probably been committed and the Ms. Truly Innocent had probably committed that offense.

It can be argued, with genuine certainty, that a statement of essential facts is inconsequential simply because, in Medina County, there are no neutral and detached judicial officers.

Nevertheless, the typical Medina County criminal complaints, legally invalid, DO NOT COMPORT WITH THE LAW OF THE LAND!

Looking now at the properly constructed criminal complaint, you will find that Deputy I.B. Lyon set out the facts which led to the arrest of Ms. Truly Innocent, an obvious fourteen year-old malcontent. 

Deputy Lyon reports that he responded to the report of an explosion at a Wadsworth schoolyard, observed Ms. Innocent and, fearing for his personal safety, called upon the Medina County SWAT team for back-up assistance.  Thereafter, the SWAT team, fully armed with AR-15 assault rifles, rushed and overwhelmed Ms. Innocent, subduing her and placing her under arrest.  Thereafter, following the arrest of this fourteen year old, armed deputies recovered a bottle rocket, fully charged with an explosive mixture, lying on the ground beside Ms. Innocent.

The statement of essential facts sets out information that satisfies each and every element of the charged offense, critical to a determination of probable cause.

Further, you will note that Deputy I.B. Lyon swore and signed the complaint in the presence of Judge D.K. Hedd, whose signature verifies that Judge D.K. Hedd has reviewed the criminal complaint and has found that probable cause exists for the issuance of an arrest warrant.

That's how it is to be done to be in accord with the U.S. Constitution and the holdings of the United States Supreme Court!

All of this seems to be reasonably straightforward and is reasonably intuitive for anyone who has even a general knowledge of the law.  However, in the Medina County injustice system there appears to be a dearth of legal knowledge.


Thursday, October 14, 2010


Below you will find a constitutionally defective criminal complaint, typical of all those filed in Medina County Courts and routinely accepted as passing muster by all the judges of Medina County.  I suppose that these illustrious judges subscribe to that age-old adage, "We've always done it that way."

Because, however, they've always done it that way makes it neither proper nor lawful.  Perhaps these "judges" were sleeping during their law school classes on criminal procedure.  Then again, it may just be that they really don't care about what is proper and lawful, just as long as they please Dino Holman, obviously himself no legal scholar.

You will note that the below criminal complaint, typical of those filed in the courts of Medina County, contains only a conclusory statement of Deputy I.B. Lyon that Ms. Truly Innocent violated Section 2923.122 of the Ohio Revised Code at Wadsworth, Ohio on July 4, 2010.  You will further note that there is no statement of essential facts which informs the "judge" of the facts which led Deputy Lyon to conclude that a criminal offense had probably been committed and that Ms. Innocent had probably committed that offense.

That, of course, foolishly presumes that a judge would review the criminal complaint for probable cause, which these "judges" fail to do in Medina County!

By now, it should come as no surprise to you that, more nearly 40 years ago, the United States Supreme Court ruled that just this type of criminal complaint does not pass constitutional muster.  In 1971, the United States Supreme Court decided Whitely v Warden Wyoming State Penitentiary, 401 U.S 560, 564 (1971).  You can read this case for your self at .

The "judges" of Medina County, with the exception of COLLIER, must be unaware of this recent change in the law since it was decided a mere 40 years ago.  Perhaps they need to catch up on their reading.

COLLIER however has been given this specific case law in a brief, which he simply ignored, apparently at the behest of Sleazebury and Hoe-Man.  There is no excuse for COLLIER failing to abide by the holdings of the United States Supreme Court, if he were an honest judge.

Integrity and honesty however, are not hallmarks of COLLIER's "character," or more appropriately, the lack thereof!

There are other issues to be taken with this defective complaint, as well.  You will note that this defective criminal complaint has been signed by Dolly Varden, a Notary Public.  Dolly signed the complaint when she took a moment away from her primary duties as a teller at the local bank. Medina County deputies and police officers routinely present their criminal complaints to Notaries Public for signature, often not taking the time to even swear to the truth of their conclusory statements.

Once again, the United States Supreme Court addressed this issue more than 60 years ago. In Johnson v United States, 333 U.S. 10, 14 (1948), the U.S. Supreme Court held, "The point of the Fourth Amendment, which often is not grasped by zealous officers, is not that it denies law enforcement the support of the usual inferences which reasonable men draw from evidence.  Its protections consists in requiring that those inferences be drawn by a NEUTRAL AND DETACHED MAGISTRATE (judicial officer) instead of being judged by the officer engaged in the often competitive enterprise of ferreting out crime."  You can also read this case at .

As a point of clarification,  a warrant, be it either for the search and seizure of property or person, is governed by these standards of probable cause, to be determined by a neutral and detached judicial officer.  This little constitutional nicety is completely ignored by the "judges" of Medina County, including but not limited to COLLIER, who has also been briefed on this provision of the law as well.

Of course, it is entirely possible that COLLIER remains ignorant of the law because he simply does not read the briefs filed by defense attorneys.  After all, Sleazebury doesn't file any legal briefs for COLLIER to read.  Then again, why should Sleazebury take the time and trouble to research the law when COLLIER is in Holman's pocket?

If you have either pled guilty or been found guilty in the Wadsworth or Medina Municipal Courts after having been charged with a criminal offense on the basis of this type of constitutionally defective criminal complaint, you have been deprived of your Fourth Amendment Right accorded to you by the United States Constitution.  In other words, you have been unlawfully convicted!

It certainly seems to me that Dino Holman and his criminal assistants have been so busy punishing individuals indicted for criminal offenses, they have been remiss in instructing sheriff's deputies as to the proper manner to prepare and file criminal complaints that comply with the law and that pass constitutional muster!

If I had been convicted of a criminal offense in either Medina or Wadsworth Municipal Courts on the basis of such a constitutionally defective criminal complaint, no matter the year of conviction, I believe that I would send a letter, citing these particular U.S. Supreme Court Cases, along with a copy of the defective criminal complaint (easily obtained from the Clerk of Court), to Chief Justice Eric Brown, Ohio Supreme Court, 65 South Front St.,  Columbus, Ohio 43215-3434.  My letter would explain that I had been convicted of a criminal offense based upon a constitutionally defective criminal complaint and would request that the Supreme Court vacate my conviction, expunge my record, and return to me all fines and court costs that I paid out.