Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Retired judge RICHARD MARKUS, recently acknowledged by his peers as a CHIEF AMONG MORONS, has been barred from hearing any further cases in Cuyahoga County.

It seems that  MARKUS, CHIEF AMONG MORONS, has worn out his welcome in the halls of justice in Cuyahoga County, due in no small part, it seems, to his arrogance and elitism. 

One Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Judge confided to the blogger that MARKUS has never been reluctant to broadcast to any available audience just how brilliant he is, to the extent that everyone else is an idiot.

That, of course, is not the most successful way to win friends and influence people. MARKUS, in spite of his misplaced confidence in his own brilliance, has never learned that little fact.

Truly MARKUS, a real Dick, is a legend . . . in his own mind !!!

In fact, a well-informed individual at the Cuyahoga County Justice Center recently described MARKUS as a "POMPOUS _SSHOLE."  Readers can feel free to fill in the blank.

Needless to say, the blogger considers this description of MARKUS, CHIEF AMONG MORONS, to be more than kind and substantially understated.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


The Native American Tribe, Michigan & Ohio Remnants of the Ottawa Nation (MORON) has bestowed the honorary title of Chief MORON upon elderly judge Richard Markus.

Markus received the honor with his usual lack of humility, remarking, "I've always considered myself a MORON among MORONS."

Markus received numerous accolades at the ceremony in which he was named Chief MORON.

Markus' Third Grade teacher, now a spry 104 years of age, took the podium and told the crowd, "I always though of the judge simply as a Dick in class.  I recognized right away that the had the right stuff to rise among MORONS to the pinnacle of success, the Chief among the MORONS."

The tribe did not bestow this honor lightly upon Markus.  The Elders met over a period of months at various councils to debate the issue of whether or not Markus demonstrated all of the qualities of a MORON to merit the award.  Chief Schitting Bull, who presented the award, declared of Markus, "Once a MORON, always a MORON.  I know of no greater living MORON."

In his acceptance address, Markus stated proudly, "I was born a MORON, have lived the life of a MORON, and I'll die a MORON.  Everything I've ever done, I've done as a MORON."

Markus, now aptly known as CHIEF AMONG MORONS, graciously took the opportunity to acknowledge some of his fellow MORONS, especially the MORONS over at the Medina County courthouse, mosque, and railroad station.

Markus singled out particularly philandering LAPDOG MEDINA jUDGE COLLIER and LAPDOG'S INTIMATE CONSPIRATOR , MEDINA COURT REPORTER DONNA "HAVE IT YOUR WAY" GARRITY.  Markus stated openly to the crowd of his supporters, a number of other MORONS at a meeting of the Medina County Bar Association, "I would like to acknowledge LAPDOG COLLIER and his intimate colleague DONNA "HAVE IT YOUR WAY" GARRITY, who have been tampering with transcripts for the past  ten years.  NOW THOSE ARE A COUPLE OF REAL MORONS."

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


As regular readers of this blog well know, the blogger is not particularly a fan of the Medina Gassette, the oracle of the Medina County Chamber of Commerce that determines all the news that is fit to print is only feel-good fluff promulgated by the Medina County politicians.

However, following a conversation with a local citizen, the blogger was directed to a recent online article published by the Gassette on July 15.  Here's the headline:
After reading the article, the blogger is convinced that Medina Police may very well have hit upon an ingenious scheme.  After all, the local children loitering on school grounds after school, littering the playground with bubble gum wrappers, are certainly destined to become the heroin addicts and drug abusers of the future.

The blogger draws the reasonable inference, after reading the article, that Medina Police have determined that bubble gum is a gateway drug that ultimately leads to heroin addiction.

There is an obvious and inevitable progression from bubble gum to marijuana on the drug abuse continuum.

The current Medina Police initiative will permit police to arrest all of those pint-sized litterers, obtain samples of their DNA, which they can store in a special Bubble Gum Abuser database.

Bubble Gum abusers will appear before LAPDOG COLLIER who can sentence them to  supervision in the Bubble Gum Division of his Drug Court.

Then, in  the future, when all of these bubble gum abusers get the munchies after they graduate to the inevitable abuse of marijuana, police can gather all of the littered Snickers wrappers and, through DNA analysis, quickly identify the culprits.

Perhaps Medina County can eliminate drug abuse by simply criminalizing the sale and possession of bubble gum.  Now there's an idea whose time has come!